• Nevin Kamath

What goes into a SWOT / SWOC analysis?

First of all, let's get this straight, SWO(T/C) stands for "Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats/Challenges" - and depending on where you sit in the for-profit or nonprofit world, you probably have a preference for one phrasing or the other! For this article, I'll use the term SWOC, but they are interchangeable.

One of my clients, an executive director of a thriving nonprofit, was rearing to start her strategic planning process but knew she needed a SWOC first.

But what goes into it?

The SWOC is the ideal output of a situational analysis.

What goes into a situational analysis?

Generally, this takes the form of surveys, interviews, and desktop research. It's typically composed of the following pieces:

  • Client analysis

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • PEST Analysis

  • Collaborator Competitor analysis

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